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The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup

Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New  Future

by Chris Guillebeau

Startup Founder

How strongly do I recommend The $100 Startup?
5 / 10

Have you dreamed of living on a beach and running a sustainable business remotely? Then you might enjoy this.

The $100 startup is more inspirational stories than practical advice and you will walk away thinking about all the small content and service based businesses you could start as side hustles.

You have likely developed expertise that others would pay for if packaged  correctly

The businessman who perfected finding the cheapest flights. The woman who transitioned to a plant-based diet. The guy who learned how to program spreadsheets.

Like them, you have developed skills that others would pay to learn if you package them correctly.

Entrepreneurs get trapped into thinking about innovation when they should be focused on  usefulness

Innovation is intimidating and sets a high bar for launch. On the other hand, usefulness is incremental and easier to achieve.

When developing a content or service business, think about usefulness and test your offer against actual people with money.

Small business owners can easily become overwhelmed with tasks that are unrelated to making  money

When you start a small business, you now have several jobs: marketer, accountant, salesperson, creator, account manager, the list is never ending.

Most of those have nothing to do with making money or growing a viable business. Focus on the ones that bring in dollars.

The $100 Startup