Books for software engineers and managers


Thoughts about high performance engineering teams and people management.

5 Code School Resume Mistakes and Recommended Fixes

Mistakes most code school candidates make in software engineering resumes

Clean workspaces instead of rewrites

The pragmatic engineer’s alternative to a rewrite

Refactoring is a daily job

Five things that engineering leaders need to understand about refactoring

Who Killed the Junior Developer? Five Unusual Suspects.

An investigation into who killed the junior developer job market

How I Read +50 Nonfiction Books Per Year

Pragmatic tips that helped me read 63 books in 2020

Find your limiting factor for deployment frequency

A quick guide to identifying what’s preventing your team from releasing more

Look for natural talents

An introduction to the Engineering Talent Matrix

Deploy to production on day one

Shipping on the first day is an opportunity to send positive signals to new hires about your engineering culture

Your Third Job in Software

Navigate around the pitfalls of finding your third job in software. The right job.