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Books for New Engineering  Managers

by Brian

Engineering Manager,
Tech Lead


These are the books I wish that I read upon accepting my first Engineering Manager position.

The Making of a  Manager

What to Do When Everyone Looks to  You

by Julie Zhuo, Design manager at  Facebook

The Making of a Manager

Recommended: 8 / 10

What a great book. Easy to read, practical, and inspirational. The Making of a Manager covers the basics of managing people from 1:1 meetings to interviewing and setting expectations.

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Productive Projects and  Teams

by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister


Recommended: 10 / 10

Peopleware is a classic and for good reason. This book helps new managers avoid common mistakes that occur within software teams, mistakes that I’ve seen plenty of new engineering managers make (including myself at one point!).

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Managing Humans

Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering  Manager

by Michael Lopp, Author of Rands in  Repose

Managing Humans

Recommended: 8 / 10

Managing Humans offers a somewhat snarky, but still valuable take on specific engineering management situations.

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Books for New Engineering Managers